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05 June 2012 @ 10:31 pm
To all those who follow or used to follow me:

Seeing that the last time I updated was January of this year, I think it's justifiable to say that I'm not going to be posting at livejournal anymore. You can find me at claennis @ tumblr or facebook friend me. But that doesn't mean I'll completely disappear. There are some special people who still regularly update and leaving comments is a great way for me to continue the conversation with you gals. Long story short: I'll check, but I won't post.

I had a great four years here with you girls. It was where I got really into football, started making icons, began fangirling over a mountainous amounts of things, wasting hours on picspams, laughing my buttocks off at JC Chasez everyone (because I don't discriminate), discovering which and what I really cared about and accepted the guilty pleasures that occupies my life in cycles, and of course, what this place is about, finding a community. But that community has mostly moved on, and so have I.

So I bid adieu to posting here. You know where I'm at. See you on the other side of Napoleon's rainbow.

12 November 2011 @ 09:58 pm

"To remain playful, a human then, is constantly exploring... Most amazingly, because of this, we are actually able to enter into the experience of another. Because [of] the wonder leading to the realization that I’m the one that is wondering. This way in which consciousness folds back on itself. 'I’m aware but I realize I am the one aware. And then I realize you are the same. So that your experience is the same as mine experience.' So because of the ability to remain in playful attitude in life, we can enter into empathy, in a way that is new in the history of life. So then play is connected to the profound ability to love, not just the kin that are nearby, but any other being, because we recognize on some deep level we’re the same. I think that all comes from play."

- Brian Swimme, Mathematical Cosmologist, on the quantum-physical concept of play
I love Adventure Time. It is descriptive, beautiful, tender, weird, and messed up and all of those things rolled up into one giant ball of wonderfulness. And it celebrates constant exploration and spontaneity--without knowing it, reflects the very idea of play coming forth, throwing oneself into an adventure of life. I think that adequately describes what play is. :)
25 October 2011 @ 11:29 pm

You might have heard about it already but I just learned about this yesterday when I started transcribing work for Gwen Gordon, the once-upon-a-time puppet designer for Sesame Street. It's hard to explain what Gwen Gordon does--her biography states 'educational designer, creative director, independent scholar, and workshop leader' as well as stuff like 'transpersonal play' and 'innovative playgrounds.' ...? She's currently in post-production with a documentary project called, Seriously! The Future is About Play. Transcribing the interviews actually shed so much light on what she is and has been doing. I might be going about this backwards (seeing that I'm not even breaking down what this whole 'play' business is!) But I want to talk about and share the brilliant wonderfulness that is One World Futbol because 1) I haven't talked about football for ages, and 2) what better way to talk about football again than to explore what people have been doing to help the world's poorest of the poor. !!!

What is One World Futbol about? This is...scintillating...!Collapse )
When people ask me what my final project entails, I'm not really sure what to say. "Um yeah, it's about three stuffed animals, kind of like Toy Story, but more like Misery Bear...you know, being up to no good and paying for it in the end?" ...

Walt Mack Gatz is named after my three little characters. For references look below: Walt is the funky lookin' one in the middle, long limbs, scatter-brained, and ultra-spazzy. On the left is Mack is our contemplative, quite kid, who just wanted a calm, peaceful day to himself, but got roped into the devilish little schemes, concocted by Walt and Gatz. Now Gatz, he's the little guy; he's small but he's clever and some may even say he's conniving.

Short synopsis: The adult is out of the house and the kids decide to get drunk, munch away on gourmet cheese and crackers, gamble with poker, break into the neighborhood swimming pool, smoke, watch crazy stuffs (*cough*miserybearshoutout*cough*), and ultimately play sword-fight. None of these things result in a happy ending.

screencaps +9Collapse )

On a completely different note, for gamers and procrastinators (rec'ced to me by Jon):
    Nitrome: Free pixelated games of addictive fun! There are tons to pick from and they're all colourful awesomeness. My favourites are Steamlands and Knight Trap.
    芝浦工業大学/スペシャル学校情報/リクルート進学ネット: I don't know what this game is at all. It's produced by some company called Recruit, which C. and I have come to the conclusion that they are either like Japan's version of craiglist or a bogus company. For whatever purpose it's for, this game is freaking nutters. The objective is to build a town by leveling up each 'panel' to its maximum. The order is highly important because each 'panel' affects each other. It sounds ridiculous but C and I spent 2 hours on it last night, compulsively clicking and watching the little town peeps jump around and go, whoa-kee!!
Yesterday, I went to the Exploratorium to have a lunch chat with Senior Curator/Director of the Cinema Arts Program/Professor, Liz Keim, easily one of my favourite people that I met this year. Two weeks ago, I displayed my first public artwork in a museum: a dual film piece that explores the journey of two types of sugar in Chinese dessert soups. It was shown on two monitors, painfully improvised past opening deadline to be synchronized. Liz complimented me again on how beautiful my work was-

"I think a lot of people forget that film has its own voice and can tell its own story. Your work does that subtly and silently..."

She mentored me on not just finding a job at the Exploratorium but also on a way of doing something I want that is uniquely my creation and inspiration. I asked about Falmouth and she said that she has colleagues that are still in contact with artists/people there, which is really more than I can ask for. She said that she'll plug me in and if she forgets that I just bug her incessantly after the holidays. For unknown reasons, I was so nervous to have this conversation even though we've been talking all semester long...she really is the sweetest lady out there and I am so honoured to have worked with her. my project in two different videosCollapse )

Currently going through a slow process of re-exporting and re-uploading my old work; so far, Apples of Yesterday has been re-exported in HD. Link to my vimeo. AND, Gleeson Library at my university has been represented at bookshelfporn! Let's get into the holiday mood!Collapse )
02 November 2010 @ 01:16 am

Mainstream sports commentary all tore us apart on having only a "strong pitching side" and a "weak batting side." The betting odds were all placed against us this evening though we've proven to come out on top on every game except for Game 3. Well, hate to break it you, old white retired men, but we're more than that thank you very much. And tonight, we proved the rest of the nation wrong, being the underdog raggedy skilled team we are.

It has been fifty-six years since our last title and tonight, WE DESERVED IT. *SLAMS FIST ON TABLE*

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26 September 2010 @ 10:51 pm

From "The Story of the Costume Dramas" Affairs of the Heart. A recent interview with Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe talking about filming North & South...which basically encapsulates lots of romantic shmooze. It's frankly really great.

For those who watch Mad Men and know who Don Revie is, check this out.
05 July 2010 @ 02:56 pm
Yes, I'm leaving! Again! And I haven't figured out how to import entries from wordpress besides offering you my RSS FEED! I will try my best to find a livejournal proxy but I'm telling you, most of time will be at wordpress. And if tumblr is banned, then I will also figure out a tumblr proxy. I hope all these proxies won't land me in trouble because I really can't deal with that on top of everything else.

• Instead of staying at our apartment in Tai Bo, my aunts got us a hotel room somewhere else that HAS A TELEVISION. Hopefully cable is included so I can bleary-eye watch Germany v Spain without getting out of bed!
• According to my aunts, there's lots of cute and affordable clothing near the hotel. YES, I WON'T DIE OF HEAT.

Bad news is not even going to make its way onto here; no sirree, I already spent a lot of time moping around and sniveling yesterday. For the first time in a few years and plus, I'm bringing a stuff animal with me...because he's very close to my heart. Very close to my heart. So I'll catch you all on that side of the world. Wish me luck and I hope you'll all be able to access my stories and adventures in wordpress world.
31 May 2010 @ 12:06 pm
Oh noes! thedoingofit got me this time!

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

behind the cut, behind the cut, behind the cuuuut~Collapse )

Let me know if you want to partake in this meme or not so then I won't be random and obnoxious and sic 6 icons on you when you didn't even want to participate. Hurgh.

By the way, in memory for those who served.